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  • To provide a platform for the Individuals/Institutions/Corporates to initiate and assist innovation activities and act as a catalyst and facilitator.
  • To create an Hub that connects and facilitates various stakeholders on all aspects of the innovation process including training and support
  • To promote innovations, channel various incentives that benefit the HUB and act as an incubating body managing the growth of innovation in the Hub.

Broad Objective

  • Connecting research with application for the benefit of economy and society.
  • Support application oriented research to solve real world problems.
  • Focus on developing affordable innovations that can benefit a large number of people and at the same time commercially viable and sustainable.
  • Focus creating wealth creators and job creators.

Specific Objective

  • Develop innovative Business Models.
  • Select innovative ideas with potential by conducting training/orientation programmes/modules on innovation/researches/entrepreneurship.
  • Develop ideas into innovative applications.
  • Facilitate collaborations and partnerships (industry, academia, Institutions) .
  • Commercialise innovations and take them to the end users materialise into Business.
  • Develop meaningful linkage with various segments of society.


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